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Our Network Development Model

The demand for high-speed, excellent WiFi service in marinas is continuing to grow.  RightPort works with you to ensure your marina has up-to-date, high quality equipment that delivers secure, reliable, and fast service. We can also provide state of the art surveillance equipment so staff can regulate for the safety of your clientele.

Enhanced Network Services

Starting at the earliest stages of development, RightPort partners with you in evaluating technologies, network design, cabling infrastructure, 3rd party technology vendor management, and implementation. Our team of Senior Network Engineers, Project Managers, and Business Analysts will lower your risks and stress levels to get you up and running on-time with seamless technology integration that delivers best Return On Investment for your budget.

WiFi Engineering & Installation

RightPort Networks prides itself on having one of the most experienced,    professional, and dedicated WiFi engineering and WiFi installation crews in the industry. Our world-class WiFi engineers and installers get the job done on time and on budget.

Network Support

Our live WiFi support is always available to ensure your slip owners and guests get help quickly and efficiently, so smaller issues don’t become larger problems. RightPort uses the best real-time monitoring tools in the business and hires the best customer service representatives. We ensure all of our WiFi networks are running smoothly and your guests are enjoying their WiFi experience. We focus on our job so you can focus on yours.

Durable, All-Weather Equipment

There is no way to prevent a lightning strike, but when designing a marina WiFi network RightPort uses the best lightning deterrent available in order to prevent damage to other pieces of the network. As your Marina WiFi Service Provider, we protect your investment by taking into account environmental hazards like salt corrosion and storm damage. We factor in the costs of protective gear and replacement equipment when designing your marina WiFi network.

Maximum Coverage

A lot can get in the way of good marina WiFi coverage, including metal or concrete buildings, larger vessels, or too many boaters eating up WiFi on a holiday weekend. RightPort can install a dual-band network (2.4 & 5 GHz) that doubles potential wireless bandwidth, supports backwards compatibility with older devices and helps eliminate interference. With these multi-use technologies, everyone can access their devices at once without a loss of speed.

Bandwidth Management

The days of one device per user are long over! Smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles and more are running rampant on networks. Left to their own devices – pun intended – users can eat up bandwidth and slow your network to a crawl. Want to ensure a good marina WiFi experience for everyone? RightPorts’ technology can cap user bandwidth so everyone stays connected with reliable, always-on coverage.


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