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Whether boat operators are cruising for business or pleasure, they are entitled to excellent WiFi access from their marina. RightPort  is the right choice for delivery of fast, reliable, secure WiFi for all users. We can provide surveillance for slip owners and staff too. 

Accessible, Reliable Internet

Some marinas are conveniently located near metropolitan areas with access to many ISPs which means that RightPort can easily provide the marina with enough bandwidth to build an elite network. If your marina is more remote, RightPort can implement a wireless backhaul to provide access and build that same elite network. We will work with all options available to determine the right access to suit your needs and your budget.
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Network System

RightPort will design and implement your network with cutting edge technology and state of the art commercial equipment. The system is engineered to give you the ability to easily update your network down the road.

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Network Accessibility

RightPort enables seamless Internet access spanning the entire marina. Our industrial grade applications provide convenience for all users even in the most challenging marinas across North America.

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Network Experience​

It’s all about the user experience! Everyone deserves top-notch service – from the early stages of designing your network to the end-user.  Customer service and satisfaction is where we rise above any competitor.

Why Choose RightPort?

Amazing service and world-leading networks. That’s just the start of what we do. We keep you and your clientele safe online and connect people to the world. When you choose RightPort, you’re All Connected for Good! 


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